Furniture Rescues

Console Table Redo!


Finding console/entryway pieces like this are also a good score!  Who doesn’t want to update their foyer, add something behind the sofa or a hallway?!

 Certain pieces call for a certain color! Black was the perfect color for this, classic and simple! And those carvings in between the drawers HAD to go… some plaster will easily cover that up… several coats of plaster and lots of sanding!

General Finishes milk paint is usually my go to paint for renewing my pieces. It goes on real smooth and it distresses quite nicely! I really like to use a scraper and scrape the edges so it’s a little more… not perfect!!

I recently found a new wax to use to seal my pieces. Sometimes I use a waterbased polycrylic to seal and sometimes I use wax…kinda depends on the piece and look I’m going for.  It’s a carnuaba wax and I’m liking! The finish is like glass!



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